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Zombie Tower Defense Uprise

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Zombie Tower Defense Uprise

Fight a multitude of zombies with this fast moving follow up to the massively victorious Zombie Tower Defense: Reborn! Your special arsenal consists of the linking Lightning tower, CorpX zombie exploder, mine-flinging Magnet and a lot more. The ensemble of individuals range from the Hot Dead Girl, regenerating Abominations, as well as the evil Necron Summoner. Make use of your strategic abilities to site zombie blasting towers to kill them right where they are. Have you the zombie slaying expertise to conquer every one of the battles?

Zombie TD: Uprise is a fairly easy tower defense game that requires you to kill the inbound zombies that are after your brain! There is a massive array of weapons to choose from and zombie variants that will keep you amused for a long time. I want to tell you though that it isn’t nearly as much fun as several of the other TD games out there. The game makers have done a fantastic thing but yet after several levels it all sort of becomes a bit dull. However just in case you are looking for a zombie tower defense game, well this is it right here!

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Note: While beginning I advise you to choose the easy mode at first. The overall game goes somewhat sluggish at first but getting your feel for it is obviously beneficial. You will discover numerous weapons and tower defenses from which to choose in Zombie Tower Defense: Uprise. All of these weapons may be upgraded while playing provided you have the money. Remember that you will also find a great deal of zombies and bosses and flying ones and more. A number of towers will just hurt particular sorts of zombies. And do make an effort to benefit from the corners. Position the best weaponry here in order to improve the time period any weapon has got to fire on the zombies.

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