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War Heroes

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War Heroes

War Heroes outs you in command of the defensive forces of the allied army. You are at war with an enemy guerrilla factions, and you must stop their forces from reaching your base. If too many enemy soldiers slip past your defenses, your base will be destroyed, and all will be lost!

This war game has two gameplay modes: campaign and survival. The campaign spans six missions and has three difficulty levels. In order to unlock survival mode, you will have to complete all six campaign missions on the hard difficulty level. In survival mode, you will face off against endless waves of hostile forces. See how long you can last against the continuous onslaught!

In order to contend with the enemy soldiers, you will have to erect defenses. The barracks spawns soldiers to fight hand-to-hand with enemies, which also stops enemies from advancing forward. Watchtowers deal lots of damage against individual enemies at long range, but they have a long reload time. Machine gun nests are the basic ranged tower in this tower defense game, despite their higher price tag. Finally, grenade towers have the slowest reload time, but deal splash damage against enemies. We advise you to use barracks to bottle up enemies at chokepoints, then pummel them with your ranged towers, but the strategy that you use is up to you.

War Heroes is a strategy game that can be beaten in a short period of time, but its replay value will have you coming back for more. It’s time to get into the trenches and drive the enemy away!

War Heroes

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