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Tesla Defense 2

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Tesla Defense 2

The most electrifying man in scientific history is back in Tesla Defense 2. Your enemies just didn’t learn the last time that you zapped them into dust, and they have returned with a vengeance. Show them who’s boss and give them the shock of their lives!

If you played this game’s precursor, then you will notice that things have not really changed. Tesla Coils and mines are still used to defend against ground-based enemies, while Pronged Tesla Coils still defend against enemies in the air. You can still use direct fire to electrify enemies, although this time, you will be shooting a giant Tesla Coil with Nikolai Tesla’s personification. Orbital strikes are back, and will obliterate any enemy, aerial or ground-based, that gets caught in the deadly blast. You also have access to fireballs (or are they thunderballs?) that will take out files of hostile troops on the ground. This attack is not as devastating as the orbital strike, but it cools down faster, and is still an effective panic button.

Tesla Defense 2 does not change the formula put forth by its predecessor by much, but the graphics are improved, the framerate is smoother, and the difficulty ramps up a lot quicker. If you liked the first installment of the series, or if you are a fan of defense games that put you closer to the action that the typical tower defense game, then you won’t go wrong playing this one. Shock those enemies into dust, for science!

Tesla Defense 2

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