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Stark Tower Defense Game

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Stark Tower Defense Game

This is the Tony Stark Tower Defense game. I just got done watching Iron Man 3 again on Sky Player on my Xbox and its an awesome movie but with Stark TD Super Hero Squad you get to continue where Tony left off and use different Superheroes as towers to stop and kill enemies with in New York city in this strategic free tower defense game online by the Super Hero Squad Show. You have 5 Superheroes to choose from and use as towers; Iron Man, Spiderman, Thor, Cyclops & Ms Marvel. Each Superhero has different costs and abilities and can all be upgraded 3 times to increase their damage, fire rate and reach radius.

Place the Superhero towers by clicking on them and dragging them to the edge of buildings. The enemy waves get harder and harder so upgrade your heroes or sell ineffective heroes that aren’t doing any good. As normal, Send in the waves early to get a time bonus to earn more points with and try to survive all 30 waves to complete the game and earn a victory bonus.


Use your defensive Superhero towers with the powers of Iron Man, Spider-Man, Thor, Ms. Marvel and Cyclops and upgrade them to make them better, faster, stronger and stop the enemies from leaving the city. Enemies always try to take the quickest route so place the heroes in such a way as to force them to travel where you have heroes placed that will do the most damage. Upgrade them to hit more enemies at once, increase the damage they cause and their fire rate and range.


There are 10 different medals to earn and win in the game for completing different tasks or reaching milestones like defeating some enemy bosses to earning x amount of money, building x amount of towers to surviving so many levels. You can view them from the medals page and will earn them as you progress through the game.


Superhero Tower Guide

Iron Man
Fires: Rockets.

Fires: Cobwebs to slow down enemies.

Fires: Lightening
Slow fire high damage.

Fires: Lasers

Ms. Marvel
Fires: Bio Bullets

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