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SAS Zombie Assault TD

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SAS Zombie Assault TD

SAS Zombie AssaultThere you were having what you thought was going to be a regular operation. Only you woke up in a deserted messy hospital only to find no one in sight except for the zombies everywhere. So what do you do? You break into an ammunition store and stock up on artillery that’s what you do. In the awesome Ninja Kiwi – SAS Zombie Assault TD game online you will need to use your survival skills and correctly place the right type of towers down to prevent the zombie hordes from passing through. It’s best to use natural choke points to get the most effect from the towers. And in this particular case you’ll be setting up your killing field near the entrance to Outbreak Mansion. And this is the zombie td version with the new maps.

You’ll know this is a Ninja Kiwi game straight away because of the high quality graphics and smooth gameplay. When the game begins you have the option to either Login or Register an account so you can save your progress and continue at a later time or you can just play as a guest. SAS Zombie Assault TD is available to play on the Apple iPhone and iPad from the Appstore. But it also can be played for free online here. At first you start off playing on the Mean Streets. But there are 8 maps to unlock and play on in all. There are also 4 different difficulty modes that all pay different amounts depending how hard you choose. 3 of which are also locked at first. You may notice at the start an offer that does more damage or pays more money per kill. You will need an account to choose this but its not needed to play and enjoy the game. Just a registered users perk for the wimps.

You start off with a small amount of money but earn money every time you kill zombies. You can use this first initial starting money to buy several towers that will kill the first sets of zombie marauders. However, you will need to buy more tower and upgrade them as you start to climb levels as the zombies get harder to kill. Also there are bosses at the end of every level that will take a lot of hits to kill. You will need to use some of your available weapons to deal with them. You can buy instant grenades for $30 each. And you special grenades awarded during the game or dropped in randomly from an air drop. These special items also include repair towers or call in an air strike or nuke the lot of ’em! Complete Outbreak Mansion level on all difficulty settings to win achievement rewards and SAS dollars. Enjoy playing this free online zombie tower defence game courtesy of Ninja Kiwi.

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    Game wasn’t working. Fixed.

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