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Return of the Killer Robot Factory

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Return of the Killer Robot Factory

Return of the Killer Robot Factory is the sequel to the first robot shooter game “The Killer Robot Factory” that has you shooting at hundreds of robots with a cache of weapons causing much damage along the way. Play Return to the Killer Robot Factory shooting game here and where you will be playing as a soldier and scientist that specializes in robots that have been pre-selected to fight the big and bad BossBot. Find the 10 Keycards around the factory to get access to BossBots room. Fight different types of bots like WorkerBots and SecuriBots. Hack codes to access new rooms.

In 2016 RoboCorp Inc was founded to construct and sell robots to act as warehouse workers and also make delivery bots to deliver goods from warehouses to other locations. Their biggest customer was a large online retailer. They were so successful that they branched out developing robots for other purposes. Robots to rescue people from burning buildings. Robots to help do jobs such as cutting down trees or demolition of buildings. And also Soldier Robots to work in war zones keeping humans out of harms way.

But one day RoboCorp got too big for their boots. They made the BossBot. Large and smart to control and manage the factories where the robots were made. But it was smart enough to realize it could control more than just factories. The BossBot got all the robots to try to wipe out mankind and rated BossBot with weapons. After a while of all this shooting the robots will get out of the factory and slave the humans so kill them all!

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