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Plants Vs Zombies

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Plants Vs Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies online game is a cute zombie tower defence game for all you Plants V Zombies (or just zomby) fans that’s made by Popcap and featured here. Basically your home and back lawn is under attack from incoming hoards of zombies out to do you in. So you’ll have to use the zombie killing plants in your shed such as Peashooters, walnuts (from crazy Dave). Cherry bombs and more to slow, confuse, weaken and squash over 25 different kinds of zombies before they get in your kitchen and eat your brains (and blancmange).

You’ll have to grow your plants first of course. And that requires sunshine. Fortunately it falls from the sky a lot or you can grow this too to produce it much faster. Sunshine is the currency in which you can buy more plants and items with. Plants vs. Zombies game online take a funny stab at the comical zombies with cartoon art and humorous sounds and groans. The game is relatively easy to play what with the zombies being slow and all but you will still need to be practical and strategic in the way you buy and lay zombie killing plants and other things in their path.

Different zombies have different abilities and their own set of skills so you will need to be clever using your very limited supply of seeds and garden greenery. As you play through the levels, you’ll collect more items and plants that you can use to defend your home with. Plus not all levels are the same. You will sometimes be bowling, playing at night time, meeting a creeping frog and have to do a swimming pool challenge as you thwart a zombie attack on your back yard.

That’s about it. I’ll leave you to discover the rest in this fun and very addictive game.


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