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Penguins Attack 4

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Penguins Attack 4

This tower defense game is called Penguins Attack 4. As you destroy enemies they will drop gold which will be added to your funds. With your funds you can buy and deploy defense towers. It also wise to upgrade your towers to improve damage inflicted upon your enemies, as well as to increase fire rate and range. Note that the penguins, the attackers you are trying to fend off, have different properties. Some are more sensible to fire, electricity, chemical weapons and bullets than others. In Penguins Attack for you can even earn medals if you perform well defending your place. Make sure to deploy the turrets strategically so that these weapons cause the greatest damage against the attackers who come in wave. Also, keep in mind that you lose lives if the enemy soldiers manage to reach the exit of the village you are protecting. Last but not least be prepared for flying enemies. They don’t march to the exit buy fly there straight away. So you had better some effective turrets in place to know them down. Now it’s your turn. Will you be able to stop the attackers in Penguins Attack 4?
Penguins Attack 4

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