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National Defense Game

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National Defense Game

National Defense game is an army strategy defence game with towers and turrets by Vitality Games which is also available on Google Play market place and can be played on your mobile or tablet device so is a mobile friendly defence game. In National Defense game you have to defend your army base from waves of incoming enemy vehicles which you’ll have to destroy by buying and placing turrets along the road they travel on. You start off with limited funds and earn money destroying enemy vehicles. So you’ll need to find the best turret strategy to inflict maximum damage upon the enemies as each turret has its own unique set of fire power and abilities.

National Defense gameplay video:

There are 8 levels with 18 waves of enemies per level. The first levels start off relatively easy but then become harder and harder, forcing you to find the best turret defence strategy to inflict maximum damage on the enemy to kill them. You only have 5 Gold Stars which is your defences health and you loose one star for each enemy that gets into your army base.

Defend your army base and destroy all enemy vehicles.
Drag turrets on the map and place them where there the circle is green.
Keep track of your wave progress, life and money.
Click on any turret on the map to open the upgrade panel and upgrade it.
You can sell the turrets at 75% of its price.


Types of Turrets and Towers
Twin Barrel Turret
Double Minigun
Double Barrel Gun
Rocket Launcher
Shockwave Tower

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  1. yangsyarif says:

    g (O_O) d games, love it !

  2. mowsi says:

    i enjoy this game too much.i wanna play this game so much.i like you too.thank you.i wanna be defendant my national.bye bye.

  3. demofreedom5 says:

    i enjoy this game is long time. May be before 5 or 6 months

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