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Monster Bastion 1 Game

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Monster Bastion 1 Game

Monster Bastion is a complete Kingdom Rush wannabe by which if you’re a fan of Kingdom Rush or any path defence game then Monster Bastion game is for you. Actually, in some cases, although not by graphics, its better than Kingdom Rush because it has more features, different enemies, 22 in game achievements and countless upgrades, towers and strategies to keep you entertained for hours.

Monster Bastion gameplay video:

Gather around and pay heed, as I tell you the saga of the Great Crow War. It was 150 years since the humans expelled all the mutants and the deformed from their lands to the Great Wasteland. These people, these “Monster” toiled without end to turn the barren earth into their new home, seeking a life of peace and happiness. Yet it was not meant to be. On the Year of the Cro, the Human Empire, thirsty for new lands to enslave and steal, invaded en masse the Wastelands. This is the record of the struggle put up by the Monsters and their genius General against the onslaught of the Empire!


Goal: Stop the empire from breaking through. Buy and place towers along the path they travel. Update your towers and use special allies and abilities to stop the enemy.

Here are some game playing tips.

After each successful battle, you will be awarded a number of skulls. Use them to upgrade your spells, troops and towers.

First Level – Moon Pass
Level 2 – Dark Mountain
Level 3 – Plain of Tears

Gain coins by killing invaders.
Build towers to neutralize enemies.
Prevent enemies from getting through this point.

Building Towers

Click on a base.
Choose your tower.
Ready for combat.

Tower Types

Dragon Tower: High speed fireballs
Infernal Tower: Long range weapons
Black Tower: Area damage
Dark Tower: Buffs troops

Casting Spells

Choose your spell
Click and drop to activate spell
Upgrade spells in the upgrade screen

Enemies and Allies

Soldier: The backbone of the imperial army, the soldier is armored and trained to suppress any opposition to imperial rule.
Orc: Brutal berserkers, they charge the enemy unarmored and deal high damage with every blow, high mortality rate.
Elf: Once a part of the great wasteland, these elves have betrayed their monster brethren for gold and are now fighting for the evil empire.
Dwarven: Heavily armored dwarves from the mountain city of kar-a-than, they serve the empire after their lands were conquered 150 years ago.
Hobgoblin: The hobgoblin has the most advanced armor known in the greater wastelands, making them excellent in pinning the enemy down.
Gnome: Drugged and strapped with explosives, these gnomes are pointed towards the enemy and release to do maximum damage by blowing themselves sky high!
Wardog: Vicious dogs been driven to madness by the empire and taught to hunt down and kill peaceful monsters.
Spike: The spike golem has been specifically constructed to withstand tremendous damage and turn enemy weapons against them.


Combining Troops

Build fortress
Drag troops to fortress
Set your troop combination
Troops ready for battle

Night and Day / Using Golems

Monsters can only fight during the night! They are allergic to sunlight.
Use your Golems to defend during the days!
Drag to fortress to deploy.
Click on icon to recall and regenerate health.
Destroyed golems are unavailable until the next golem phase.
Click on the portrait to recall golem and regenerate health.

Please know. This is not a comprehensive list of features, towers and enemies etc.
You can learn the rest yourself.

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