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Mauled Zero Game

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Mauled Zero Game

Here we present the Mauled Zero game which is another tower defence game thats very similar to Kingdom Rush, Monster Bastion or Giants and Dwarves TD in that its a medieval power tower defence game where you are a brave hero who needs to defend his dwarf race against hordes of evil demons by using an arsenal of towers placed along the path they travel to freeze, shock, burn and poison them with. You can place your Hero on the path to help you and rain down meteor showers to stop the enemy from entering your kingdom as you battle your through 20+ levels and 20+ enemies including the boss.

Mauled Zero has some vivid quality graphics and addictive gameplay. You start with a limited amount of gold and XP and earn gold killing the enemies which you can use to buy and upgrade towers with as you play. At the end of every level you can use your XP on upgrading the towers abilities like its damage, range and speed and upgrade your Hero’s abilities and strengths also.


You only have so much life per level also and loose some life every time an enemy enters your kingdom. So you’ll need to have the best strategy at stopping them before they do. Those used to completing Kingdom Rush levels or playing that will know what it means. But don’t worry too much if you cant pass the level every time. You earn upgrade points for trying and cant spend these on upgrading your towers and special abilities to make passing that level a little easier the next time you play.

A game by We hope to see more like it. There are some small bugs in the game like sometimes some buttons not responding properly and the Meteor cooldown time not resetting. But all in all its still a great game to play. It has all the sounds effects you’d expect and there is in-game saving so you can play, and then continue from where you left.


Baron Flame – Quick rate of fire
Eugene Shocky – Damages area of enemy
Stuart Frost – Slows groups of enemies
Cyrus Venom – Poison damage over time

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