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Kingdom Rush Frontiers

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kingdom rush frontiersKingdom Rush Frontiers game is the sequel game to the original and first Kingdom Rush game (One of the best defense game ever online!). Otherwise known as Kingdom Rush Frontiers or Kingdom Rush 2. This time its bigger and badder. More baddies, more attackers and evil foes. Protect your kingdom with more towers, more defenses and more skills, magics and abilities from small and weak evil minions to harder and more advanced attackers into a fast moving intense tower defense strategy game online.

Yes its Kingdom Rush: Frontiers. And its coming soon to play online in your browser as a flash game soon. As soon as its ready to play we will be hopefully featuring the game here…

Kingdom Rush Frontiers

We’ve now added Kingdom Rush 2: Frontiers to the site. Launched By IRONHIDEGAMES on November 22, 2013.

What is considered the worlds best tower defence game ever is back. BIGGER and badder, supposedly. Play it on easy, medium or hard. There are more maps, levels, heroes, enemies, towers, upgrades, special abilities and bosses to defend your kingdom against in one of the most eagerly awaited, award winning epic adventure through exotic deserts & jungles and fight dragons, man eating plants, and enemies from the underworld.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers-defense-4 Kingdom Rush Frontiers-defense-3 

Kingdom Rush 2 Frontiers is packing more punch than the original and more features, realistic sounding voices and quality illustrated cartoon graphics and blood and strategies to keep you more than entertained for a while.

  • 3 difficulty modes
  • 8 new types of tower. Mighty Templars, Crossbow Forts, Necromancers, and even Earthquake Machines.
  • 18 unique tower abilities to kill with Assassins, Death Riders and Pestilence clouds.
  • 9 new heroes to choose and train and help you on the battlefield.
  • 70 in game achievements with hours of gameplay.
  • Play in Classic, Iron, and Heroic game mode.
  • Epic boss fights.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers-defense-2

Kingdom Rush Frontiers-defense-1

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  1. Sid says:

    When is it free to play online?

  2. Boss says:

    Hey Sid, According to the forums they do have an internal beta version running but it has some way to go. There is bug fixing, then closed beta release and more bug testing with no rough time frame to give on how long it will take.

    Although they did say back in June “very soon” its all about making money. They have only just literally released KRF on iOS and Android and there is updates to those versions still to come they’re working on.

    I think they really want to impress the fans of course as they want to ensure that all levels and heroes are fully finished and polished. There’s to be 15 levels and 10 heroes I think.

    Rest assured as soon as we know more we’ll post about it. It will inevitably be released on first but we will hopefully be able to feature it here as well.

    Until then, give some of our other tower defence games a go. 🙂

  3. Max Towers says:

    Game is now updated. Enjoy the new Kingdom Rush Frontiers game online! 🙂

  4. Airichi says:

    The walkthrough of Level 6 (Nazeru’s Gates):

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