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Keeper of the Grove

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Keeper of the Grove

In Keeper of the Grove, your goal is to defend your crystals from thieving monsters that want to take them for themselves! In order to protect your jewels from those pesky bandits, you will have to strategically place towers to thwart their advance. Although the towers may look cute, there will be deadly consequences for any monster that dares to get within their range!

The three types of towers at your disposal are sprout towers, aqua towers, and stone towers. Sprout towers are your basic, run-of-the-mill defenders and attack using direct shots. Aqua towers are slower and deal less damage, but they will slow enemies, allowing you to keep enemies in range for a longer time and pummel them with your other towers. Finally, stone towers deal massive splash damage, but have a long reload time. Strategically and efficiently using your towers in conjunction with each other will keep the bad guys at bay and your crystals safe!

Keeper of the Grove is a tower defense game that will keep you hooked right until the end. With its colorful graphics, unique character designs, and catchy background music, there is no doubt that it will appeal to gamers of all ages!

Keeper of the Grove

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