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Keeper of the Grove 3

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Keeper of the Grove 3

Those monsters just don’t learn, do they? In Keeper of the Grove 3, you are going to teach them once and for all that your crystals are not for them to try to steal! This time, the action takes place in a fantasy realm, and the more cheery backdrop of the first game of the series has returned, although some of the darker elements found in the second appear here as well.

This time, instead of only having three tower types to choose from, you are given access to a brand new defender on top of the three elements that you have become acquainted with. Sprout towers are plant-based and deal regular damage with a rapid rate of fire. Water Dragon towers do not inflict much damage, but they are useful for slowing down enemies, particularly speedy ones that might otherwise slip past your other defenders. Rock towers are slow, but they dish out major damage and have a large area of effect. Finally, we get to the new tower type, the Iron Man (no, we;re not talking about Tony Stark here). Iron Man towers are expensive, but they set enemies on fire, inflicting residual damage upon them even when they are out of range! Water and rock still work great as a team in this tower defense game, but we urge you to develop your own strategy and experiment with different tower types.

Like its predecessors, Keeper of the Grove 3 will delight fans of the tower defense and strategy game genres. The return of a more jaunty background and color scheme make this third installment of the series appealing to younger gamers as well!

Keeper of the Grove 3

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