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Horde of Darkness

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Horde of Darkness

Horde of Darkness is a strategical fantasy sci-fi tower defense game very much like Kingdom Rush by Yummy piatlopunk of Kongregate. And we like those here which is why we listed out those games like Kingdom Rush back in December last year. I think when we do another list like that we’ll have to include the Horde of Darkness game here.

How to explain Horde of Darkness tower defense game to you then? It appears to be set in a medieval period of time where there is magic, wizards, spells, potions and runes and the like. You are on a quest to rid the world of dark evil after some bright light dropped from the sky and some said it was the devil but others said aliens. (It was aliens but you know what these superstitious pagan lot were like back then.) Fortunately this happened at about the right time for you as you as it gives you a chance to try out your latest battle towers and have access to special runes that will strengthen the towers and the spells that you cast and gives you a better chance of survival.


So you set of on a quest across different lands and fight a multitude of different monsters from the dark. Your objective each level is to stop the hordes of monsters from getting through the path by using defensive towers to protect your Kingdom with. Click the empty spots for towers to build them there from the popup menu. Place them in strategic spots to stop them getting through. There are 3 tower types. The Archers tower for fast firing rate, the Artillery tower for maximum damage and the Mage (Wizard) tower for earning mana for spells. You can use the spells during battle if you have them.


Before the battle commences you get some instructions and info about the enemies and tips for preparation for the battle that tells you what to do with runes. Runes have different effects against the monsters. Click the skull to send the wave early for more money. You earn mana and money for killing the enemies. Spend it on buying upgrades with. The unique thing about upgrading the towers is you can choose to upgrade either their attack, speed or range. You can also use the runes with them to customize them and make them more powerful.


At the end of every level visit the shop to buy things with the crystals and money you earned and won in battle and use your upgrade points to upgrade the towers with.

Tip: Quickly sale your buildings not needed before the level ends to bank the cash!

1-8: Select spells.
Space – Cancel any selected spell.

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