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Giants and Dwarves TD

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Hello everyone here is a very good tower defence game that is similar to Kingdom Rush and if you’ve played it already you make think so or you will find out now. In Giants and Dwarves TD game your kingdom has become under attack from massively tall giants and endless waves of enemy attackers. So you’ll need to build up multistory towers to defend your kingdom against attack. Take advantage of everything around you in your environment by dropping boulders on the enemies and burning hay on the path. Command and control your champion and cast strong spells on the invaders and lead your people to victory and peace.

Giants and Dwarves TD

In this side view tower defence game you will build archer towers or melee’s, mage’s and cannon towers. Cast spells on enemies and move your champion freely around the map to get him to attack and defend. Update your towers and your champion and the make the spells you cast even more potent. After successfully completing a level you will be awarded Honor Points which you can use to buy upgrades for your hero and towers.

Giants and Dwarves TD

To move around move the cursor to the edges of the screen or drag the minimap.

Can also use the W,A,S,D or arrow keys for screen scrolling.

Double click the champions picture to center the screen onto him.

Activate spells: 1, 2, 3
Hero selection and move command: 4
Activate champions ability: 5
Start wave: E
Cancel move command, target selection, or spells: Escape
pause and unpause game: Space bar.
Open bestiary: B

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