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Frontline Defense Special Ops

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Frontline Defense Special Ops

Frontline Defense Special Ops game is a harder version than the Frontline Defense 2 game. The same rules apply! Build and upgrade towers. Kill and destroy waves of incoming attackers and protect the frontline from invasion. The Frontline Defense: Special Ops game makes for a tough and challenging expansion pack from the last version. In Special Ops there are 14 new missions to undertake. And as usual its up to you to take control of your armies budget and buy and upgrade towers and army infantry to take out and destroy approaching enemy vehicles and troops from reaching the end of the war path. All your towers can be upgraded. If you complete the mission you will earn credits which you can use to buy and upgrade towers with. But you will be killed if enough enemies make it through to the end of the path and its mission over you fail. Do you want that to happen soldier?

Frontline Defense Special Ops-2 Frontline Defense Special Ops

  • Use your mouse to click on a tower and then click anywhere on the path you want to place it.
  • Click again on that tower to see options to upgrade that tower.
  • You can sell towers if you want to replace them with different towers.
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