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Defend Your Nuts 2

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Defend Your Nuts 2

Some of you hardcore or novice online td game fans may remember the cute squirrel tower defence game that is Defend Your Nuts from back in August of 2011. Where you play as a squirrel who needs to defend his nuts from waves of evil monsters out to steal them. There was 12 in-game achievements, a small handful of monsters, 20 days (stages) and a boss at the end.

Well the squirrel is back again with Defend Your Nuts 2 defence game. This time there’s more days, more monsters and more weapons at your disposal where once again you must defend your nuts against the nasty evil oncoming zombie monsters that are trying to steal his sacred nuts. As you play it pick up the coins and ammo and stuff dropped by downed monsters to use on unlocking and upgrading new weapons like the rifle, wizard wand and bombs and you’ll save mice and rabbits which will help you to shoot and kill the monsters before they break down your wall and steal your nuts! At the end of every day you’ll be able to use the gold coins you collected on upgrading your squirrel and his allies and your wall. You’ll fight off and kill many monsters and unlock several achievements along the way ending in a boss fight which will ultimately decide the fate of you and your nuts.

Defend Your Nuts 2 Game

Defend Your Nuts 2 game is a game by so props to them for creating a fun defence game. Yes I know there is a defend your nuts 2 hacked game as well that lets you purchase and upgrade everything, add more money and have infinite ammo but where is the competition of the game in that? The first levels start off fairly easy but soon become harder and harder. If you complete the game (get all the way to day 25 without loosing all your nuts and killing the boss), you’ll unlock Survival Mode.

In Survival Mode you have to survive as long as possible with limited ammo. You’ll need to conserve your ammo as there are no ammo drops! However you will use the allies you gained in story mode.

You survived for 176 seconds!

You defended your nuts!

Your final score is 339890.

What’s yours?

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