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Defend Your Cabin Game

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Defend Your Cabin Game

Following on from the Defend Your Tent game which is quite a simple flash defence game we wanted to post something a little more serious. So here is the Defend Your Cabin game which is a top cabin defense game by Basically your cabin is under attack from bears which have been turned into zombie bears by someone contaminating the river upstream. So you will have to stop the zombified bears from getting to close to your log cabin and eating your food.

Defend Your Cabin is a 1 or 2 player defence game so you can either play it solo or share your keyboard with another person and play it with 2 people defending the cabin. As you play it you will collect different weapons along the way which you can upgrade with the gold coins you earn from killed bears like mines and grenades. So don’t worry if your cabin is breached because you are earning gold coins all the time which you can use to buy better guns like shotguns, an Uzi and mini-gun.

  • 1 or 2 player option
  • 18 in game achievements
  • 15 levels of increasing difficulty
  • Collect, buy and upgrade weapons

Player1: WASD to move, J to shoot, K to use Mine, L to use Grenade.
Player2: Arrow keys to move, 0 to shoot, 1 to use Mine, 2 to use Grenade.

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