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Click Battle Strategy Defense

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Click Battle is an epic mix of strategy, tower defense, and bejeweled-like game all in one! A dynamic, colorful strategy game indeed. The goal of Click Battle is to assist the magician to defend against all attacks by the Vikings for five months.

Here’s the main menu screenshot:

Click Battle Strategy Defense

You will need to defend against 3 waves of Viking attacks before a new level (new day) is unlocked.

Click Battle Strategy Defense 2

Here’s what’s cool about this game, as your towers are shooting down hordes of Vikings; you on the other-hand, has to match up same-colored wizards to collect special powers to help you in destroying the Vikings.

Click Battle Strategy Defense 3

Here’s a gameplay screenshot: the Vikings are storming in from the west, and on the right side, you need to match up the same-color wizards.


What do you think of this combination of gameplay? Leave a comment below.

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