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Bubble Tanks Tower Defense 1

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Bubble Tanks Tower Defense 1

Bubble Tanks Tower Defense 1 is an relaxing tower defence game by Hero Interactive that has 52 game modes or maps, 7 different enemy types and 11 different types of towers. Your mission is to stop any of the bubbles from getting through and escaping the map using towers.

The unique thing about Bubble Tanks game is that you have some control over which direction the bubbles travel in. Bubbles go around any tanks in their path so you can create a complex maze of bubble bursting tank towers and let the mass bubble warfare begin! Another cool feature is being able to merge towers together to create Mega towers up to 16 stories combined so it should help you to destroy those bubbles on the harder levels. However if you feel its not hard enough, just tick the FLM box which severally increases the difficulty of the level you select it on.

Buy tank towers with bubbles. You earn more bubbles currency by destroying more bubbles. You can buy and upgrade your tank towers with bubbles. Carefully place the tank towers in places on the screen strategically to shoot at and destroy the bubbles before they reach your side and exit the map. It’s best to start with the Level 1 Tutorial first as it will walk you through the gameplay controls and get you up to speed.

Find Bubble Tanks 2 and Bubble Tanks 3 here also.

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