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Bloons Tower Defense Games

Posted by Jack On October - 31 - 2013

The Bloons Tower Defense games are all free to play online here. The Bloons TD games have always been popular and we wouldn’t be any kind of tower defending games site if we never featured any Bloons games. So we have given them their own section on the site on the site here where you can find the first and original Bloons TD 1 right up to the last and final Bloons TD 5. There’s been 5 other versions released since. And some hacked versions of the game as well removing some restrictions and unlocking several features in the game that you would otherwise have to earn by popping balloons with the monkey towers. Although while the Bloons games might have started off as a very simple TD game originally and more aimed towards the younger generation. They have been played and enjoyed by people of all ages and still are today. Starting from the first Bloons game, Bloons TD 1 right up to Bloons TD 5 which is probably the best of them all. Play ALL the Bloons TD games here!

All Bloons TD Games List

How to Play Bloons TD Games?

Bloons Game Preview

bloons td 1 game

You have to strategically place monkey towers along the path that the bloons travel on so they will pop and destroy them. You start off with limited money at first but earn money by popping the bloons. In Bloons, there are 3 game modes to choose from. Either Easy where towers and stuff are cheap and you start with 200 lives and 50 levels. Then Medium where things are priced moderately but you only get 150 lives but 60 levels to complete. And finally, Hard where things are much more expensive and you have just 75 rounds to pass in and 100 lives to do it in. To do all this just use your mouse. Click on a tower on the right and click anywhere along the path you want to place it. You an click on it again when its placed to see a menu to either upgrade or sell that tower. It’s all about popping as many bloons as possible without loosing any lives. Do you think you’re up to the bloon poppin’ challenge?

The Story Behind Bloons Games

Bloons TD4 Bloons was first created by NinjaKiwi games and was first a very simple game with a small amount of type of bloons and defensive towers. While we have only listed about 5 of them above. There is now actually 24 different Bloons games. They have progressed greatly. These include Bloons Supermonkey and and Supermonkey 2 with leaderboards. Bloons Junior where everything is bigger where everything is bigger and slower. Hot Air Bloons where you got to pop as many as you can without crashing. Bloons Pop 3 which is like a zuma game. Bloons Insanity, a mixture of the best bloons maps by the bloons playing community. More Bloons and Even More Bloons. Not to mention tons of Player packs of custom submitted maps by Bloonsworld members.  There’s even Xmas Bloons and Spring Bloons, a Bloons game for every season to name just a few! We will be featuring this amazingly fun and addictive NinjaKiwi games right here.

Whether you’ve played any of the Bloons games yet or not. These are classic timeless tower defence games that can be enjoyed today, by you. And then again tomorrow by yourself again or somebody else. The actual story is based around monkey’s and lead balloons. You see all was well in Monkey Nation until the balloons arrived. Don’t ask me where they came from but the balloons were covering the monkey’s bananas in balloon goo. So the monkey’s needed to protect their bananas somehow and began evolving and coming up with new ways to defend their tropical fruits from being covered in balloon material. Those clever monkey’s, they created special abilities like dart throwing and towers that melted and popped the balloons. So, we don’t mean to spoil you with choice on what Bloons TD game to play. To be honest with you, we only added the first original ones like Bloons 1 and 2 for experience sake. If you’ve never played Bloons before then you might want to just start playing Bloons TD 5 first because it is the best admittedly. But I’d suggest to first check out and play the first couple of versions and then start playing the later ones as you’ll appreciate them and enjoy them a lot more.

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