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Bloons TD 4

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Bloons TD 4

Of all the Bloons tower defence games, the Bloons TD 4 game online is my personal favorite one to play. I don’t play the Bloons games that much these days as I used to but can still occasionally enjoy a good pop every now and then. After Bloons 1, 2 and 3. Bloons 4 was considered the best version ever by many of the Bloons fans and players. In Bloons TD4 there are more levels to play on, more towers to buy and more upgrades to get with improved graphics and sounds to keep you playing and popping balloons for hours on end. Find 2 new challenges with the Lollipop Challenge and the new MOAB Challenge. New defence monkey towers; Ace Gunner, Glue Gunner, Pirate Ship and Bannana Farms. In this version you can now save your game in case you need to leave for a while. And once completed you can enter Career Mode, play in Sandbox Mode or the harder Apopalypse Mode. And there is in-game premium content available from Mochi store using MochiCoins to get extra levels and upgrades for your towers but this is not essential to enjoy the game to the full still. Who needs double cash, double boomerangs and exploding darts anyway?


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