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Battalion Commander

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Battalion Commander

Grab your gun soldier! Play Battalion Commander and recon your army as you shoot you way through the enemy territory to rescue trapped soldiers and successfully complete missions. Shoot dodge and kill soldiers, barrels, bunkers, watch towers, tanks and helicopters and pink uniform wearing, grenade and napalm spraying soldiers in one of the best vertical shooter flash games known to man that is Battalion Commander game. Don’t let the tiny soldiers fool you. Good things come in small packages and these are mighty and deadly. It starts easy from here. But as time progresses the battle is going to get devilishly harder.

Shoot at all enemy soldiers, tanks, helicopters and anything else in your way. Collect the gold coins and any XP points to buy upgrades and mighty skill powers to help you survive on the battle field. The aim isn’t so much to get to the end as fast as possible but more to just survive and complete your missions. Each level gets harder and harder until you are being shot at from every side like a hoar in a brothel but you’ll be alright so long as you dodge them and collect all the gold and experience points.

Battalion CommanderWhen you play Battalion Commander game you start off you’re on your own but you will find troops along the way that stand behind you and fire in unison. You may not survive for long at first but you’ll acquire gold coins and XP points you can use to buy upgrades with to strengthen your army and improve your rank from Private up to Colonel. Before you start you can see what missions you need to complete. Completing these missions successfully awards XP and gold coins also. This is what makes this vertical shooter rewarding and will have you playing again trying to earn more and more. Hang in their soldier, your glory is coming!

  • Hundreds of missions altogether making for hours of ass kicking gaming.
  • You get 3 new missions per level ranging from stabbing enemies, destroying tanks/heli’s or using napalm strikes.
  • Get XP (Experience Points) towards your rank and unlock upgrades with gold coins.
  • Bright, crisp and clear vector graphics and smooth fluid mechanics.
  • A simple and addictive vertical shooter game that will grip you wont be able to stop playing.
  • Endless Mode to make it more of a challenge can be unlocked when you complete Normal Mode.

Enjoy this vertical shooter game from Armor Games.

Some quests for you to do.

Complete 10 missions.
Kill the Boss.
Free 100 Allies.
Run 2000 Meters in Endless Mode.
Buy all the Upgrades.

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