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Army of Ages

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Army of Ages

Army of Ages takes off where the Age of War 2 game left off or is considered to be the Age of War 3 game and is a side-scrolling, evolutionary tower defence game that puts you up against an onslaught of various vicious aliens that you must defend your base against whilst evolving throughout time. Your main goal is to survive and kill all the alien attacks.

You start the game with a very primitive base and army in the Stone Age times. You must build buildings to spawn gatherers which will collect water and turn it into more gold. Buildings for offensive units to attack and defend them and place turrets to strengthen yourself against attack which you can also upgrade. Upgrading your buildings will help produce more faster units that have a stronger attack force.

While you are battling and killing aliens you will earn Experience Points the same as when one of your units is killed which you can use to evolve to the next age in time. When you evolve, all your buildings and units from the last age will be reset but you will be able to buy and build better building and towers and also improve your Special Attack.

In Army of Ages the best way to collect money is with Gatherers. Gatherers collect water and transform it into money. When you have a building units will come out of it over time. Note that your gatherers have 3 water spots they can go to. Water spots that are further away will get you more income. Set the targeted well they collect from by pressing the buttons under the mini-map. When you have a good income it would be a good idea to build something to defend yourself with! Create a turret. Select your base to create a turret on. Offensive is really important in this game. Offensive units will create a barrier against aliens and will destroy their base later in the game assuming you survive.

Army of Ages Tips

  • You can find more information about a unit by moving your mouse over a button.
  • This information is important because some units deal bonus damage against certain types of units.
  • Also not all units attack air and ground.
  • Adding ranged units to your army would be a good idea.
  • Melee units act as a shield while ranged units attack from a distance.
  • Fronde man can also attack in the air.
  • In the case where aliens would come up with air units you would be covered.
  • Experience points are gained when you kill units or get your units killed.
  • There are two things you can do with Experience Points. Throw a Special or Evolve.
  • Evolving will grant you with a new base and new building possibilities.
  • Evolving will sell all your current buildings and make your troops disappear.
  • Each evolutions makes your units stronger.
  • Each age will grant you with a new Special Attack.
  • Special Attacks are a very effective way to destroy grouped enemies.

A strange life form has invaded your territory. It seems some kind of egg grew on it. We should be expecting an offensive…

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