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Ancient Planet

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Ancient Planet

An ancient civilization once existed on a long-forgotten planet. This civilization was destroyed by hostile alien invaders without mercy or respect for society. Journey back in time and see if you can save this Ancient Planet!

If you are familiar with the tower defense genre, then this game will not be too difficult to figure out, but there are a few differences. Instead of earning money to build towers by killing enemies, you will have to build factories to generate cash. Once you have your economy rolling, you can build cannon towers to shoot down enemies as they approach your base. You also have access to defenses that will slow down the enemy advance, making it easier for your guns to chop the hostile aliens to pieces! It is best to use the two types of towers in conjunction, and sometimes it is more cost effective to upgrade a tower that is already on the battlefield than it would be to purchase a new tower. Play it by ear with your own deployment strategy, and do your best to keep the enemy soldiers out of your encampment.

Ancient Planet takes the basics of the tower defense game and soups it up with its own unique characteristics. If you are a fan of the genre but tired of playing the same game by different names, then this strategy game is one that you won’t want to pass up!

Ancient Planet

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