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Age of War 2 Game

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Age of War 2 Game

Since we got done adding Age of War 1 the other day, we’ve been eager to “evolve” and post the sequel version with Age of War 2 game online. This time round the games design and aesthetics have been updated and has more features and options compared to the first.

This real time strategy and tower defence game is a very unique and entertaining flash game to play. Your mission as ever is to defend your base against attack while evolving throughout time through different eras while killing and destroying the enemy and their base. Build defensive turrets and upgrade them. Buy units and send them out onto the battle field. Use Special Powers to quickly destroy a host of enemies. Upgrade your units abilities and fighting strengths.

Earn XP and gold coins and then spend it on evolving your base into the next century with the latest warfare technology. Evolve from stone age men to Spartans to Egyptian warriors with spears and swords, to Medieval times using wizards and cannons right up to the modern day warfare with machine guns and tanks until you reach the summit of warfare technology that’s out of this world.

Age of War 2 Game Playing Tips

If you followed my tips in the first version then the same rule sort of applies. Don’t be too eager to spend all your initial XP and gold coins on units. Buy turrets first and let them do the work for you! Only send out lowly minions to keep the enemy from hitting your base. Just enough to stop them from hitting your base but so your turrets can reach and kill them. Remember, you earn XP every time one of your units die anyway but this is the fastest way to earn XP and gold and play it safe.

Once you’ve earned enough gold and everything is fully upgraded. Really go for it and start sending out loads of units and smash your way forward and start attacking the enemies base.

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