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Age of War 1

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Age of War 1

Your mission in Age of War tower defence game online is to try and survive all the incoming enemy attacks on your base (left side) and destroy the enemies base (right side) As you kill enemies, you will earn XP points which you can use to buy fighters and soldiers with. Age of War is split up into 5 different ages. At first, you will start off in the stone age times and be using clubs and sling shots and a dino-man with a spear. After this you will progress and evolve to the latter times and be using swords and musket guns and a knight on a horse. Then as you get further and evolve even more, you’ll be using soldiers with machetes to soldiers with machine guns and a tank. Right up to futuristic soldiers and flying tanks. Likewise your special items will evolve as well. From ranging down fire and brimstone to vaporizing enemies on the spot with lazer beams.

Age of War 1 Game

To move to the next age you will need to earn XP points. To gain XP points you will have to kill the enemy. You can also earn XP when one of your units is killed. You can build defence and place turrets on your base which you can upgrade. You’ll need to find the right balance between defence and offence against the would be attackers. You can use your special attack whose technology evolves as you evolve. The special attack has a time wait of 1 minute before it is available to use again. You cannot repair your base so once your health is gone its game over and you loose. But your base will earn XP points whenever you evolve to the next age. Age of War game online is a fantastic war and strategy game that you will enjoy to play on the hardest setting, over and over again.

Game Tips

Upgrade your base and install turrets to it and make your base’s turrets do the work for you!

Try to keep the enemy within the range of your turrets to earn XP without spending XP on soldiers and special items.

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