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8 Games Like Kingdom Rush

Posted by Jack On December - 19 - 2013

If you’ve played Kingdom Rush then you’ll know what a high quality tower defence game is. While tower defence games come in many varieties its games like Kingdom Rush that lead the way for producers to create ever more sophisticated, exciting and feature rich tower games to play online. Games like Kingdom Rush can look similar and have the same sort of elements to it that are almost identical, if not taken from Kingdom Rush itself.

So here is 8 games like Kingdom Rush with a little more about each game, a screen shot thumbnail and a link to the game. I hope you like the list and have fun playing these tower games like Kingdom Rush!

1. Monster Bastion

Monster Bastion 1Monster Bastion has a similar look and feel to Kingdom Rush and you might be excused for thinking it looks just like it. It is very similar in look and play and does actually have a few additional features that Kingdom Rush doesn’t. Travel across a map on different lands. Earn gold killing enemies and use it to buy/upgrade towers with. Send in troops to battle and cast spells on enemies of many kinds. You can upgrade your towers and soldiers with earned skill points at the end of every level. There are different enemies, 22 achievements and many towers and upgrades to keep you playing for a while. It’s our number 1 most like Kingdom Rush game.

2. Mauled Zero

mauled zero level 3Mauled Zero has you playing across a map as a brave hero. Place towers to freeze, shock, burn and poison enemies with. And place your hero on the path to attack them. Rain down fire from above and come up with the best tower defence strategy to stop all enemies including a boss! Excellent bright graphics and well drawn characters. An exciting storyline all while trying to clear all levels in the map makes Mauled Zero a top, fun and addictive power tower defence game. You will also be able to earn upgrade points at the end of every level and use them to upgrade your towers and special abilities with.

3. The Keeper of 4 Elements

the keeper of 4 elementsThe Keeper of 4 Elements has everything that you want from a quality tower defence game and is almost like a simplified version of Kingdom Rush. The game has you starting straight away building towers and killing enemies. The storyline behind the game is good. You have to help some monk dudes who are protecting the Scrolls of the 4 Elements from getting into the wrong hands of some evil wizard. You can place towers and upgrade them and make use of a your own wizard as your hero. You’ll earn gold for killing enemies and unlock new powers and abilities along the way which you can then use to do up your towers and heroes abilities.

4. Stormy Castle

stormy castleStormy Castle is a vertical scrolling tower defence game where you have to destroy the enemy gates and protect your own. Your castle is at the bottom and the enemies is at the top. You must travel across the path from your castle and attack the enemies castle. First of all you have to buy turret towers, barracks, archery ranges and stables so you can send out the archers, swordsmen and wizards on the path that will attack and kill approaching enemies and on to attack the enemies castle. Try and stop the enemy from attacking your castle. You only get so much health. Buy extra units and send them out and rain down meteor showers upon enemies to stop them from attacking your castle.

5. Incursion 2

incursion 2Incursion 2 is number x here even though it is very similar to Cursed Treasure. It has you protecting your kingdom from evil attackers of all kinds. You will be building and placing towers in the best strategic place to stop them. Incursion 2 actually falls within a lot of top 10 tower defence game lists because of all the features and the unique gameplay that it offers the player. You will find a deep and rich storyline, realistic life-like sounds (and groans) and medieval voices. Earn skill points at the end of each level and use them to upgrade your towers and heroes. Tons of in-game awards. Upgrade your skills and magic and the Schools of Magic and buy special items from the Goblin Market to use on the enemies.

6. Cursed Treasure 2

cursed treasure 2Cursed Treasure 2 has you protecting some gems instead of a castle or kingdom that are under constant threat of being stolen from evil attackers. Although not quite as good looking as Kingdom Rush, it has many of the same features of that and other games here in that you have to dominate different lands as you travel across a map. You’ll have to be strategic in where you place and what kind of towers you place to stop the thieves from getting their dirty little grubs on your precious gems. Meet a range of different enemies. Collect the gold they drop. Upgrade your towers and unlock special abilities like meteor showers and powerful spells. Don’t forget to use your skill points at the end of each level to improve your towers and abilities with.

7. Giants and Dwarves TD

giants and dwarves tdGiants and Dwarves TD is a side-scrolling tower defence game that has you taking advantage of everything around you in your environment by dropping boulders on the enemies and burning hay on the path they travel on. Command and control your champion and cast strong spells on the invaders and lead your people to victory and peace. You are awarded Honor Points at the end of every level which you can use to upgrade your towers, heroes abilities and magic spells with. You move freely around the map by dragging it left or right or using the cursor keys. Other than being a side scroller, it has all the features in it that you have come to expect from a top td game online.

8. Medieval Castle Defense

medieval castle defenseMedieval Castle Defense is a castle defence game that has its one unique style of gameplay. You will be defending your castle from attackers by placing soldiers along the path. Upgrading them and doing research to build new towers. You’ll be using Archers, Catapults, Ice Wizards, Knights and Warriors to attack and kill invaders before they get to your castle. As you kill enemies you pick up any gold or potions they drop to research new towers, upgrades and units. The towers you have are Archers, Catapults & Ice Wizards. And you have 2 knights as well.

And there we have 8 Games Like Kingdom Rush. Gone are the days of simple pixel sprites, come are the times that they’re now in HD. We’ll do another list in the new year for Top 10 Tower Defence Games of 2013.

Have fun playing!


  1. Sidian Jones says:

    Cursed Treasure is especially good, but the best Kingdom Rush-like game I ever played is Man at Arms. It’s made by former Blizzard developers and includes a multiplayer and a map editor. Should be on the list! https://

  2. Mithun says:

    ‘Jelly Defense’ from Infinite Dreams. Hope they port Symbian games like ‘K-Rally’ to android.

  3. GHeathensrage says:

    “The Utans: Defenders of Mavas” is a great game too and probably the most similar one to Kingdom Rush. Check it out! đŸ˜‰

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