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Zombie Crusade

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Zombie Crusade

In the Middle Ages, mankind did not yet have shotguns with which to deal with the undead. That is where you come in. In Zombie Crusade, you will have to marshal your defensive forces to keep the zombies out of town and send them back to their graves where they belong!

There are four towers that you can build to fight the zombies in this tower defense game. Knights are used to fight against ground-based enemies and keep them from advancing. Archer towers deal moderate damage at a fast rate, and can target flying enemies. Wizards cast spells which inflict massive damage, but have a lower rate of fire; they can also target flying adversaries. Artillery batteries fire slowly, but they inflict splash damage against ground-based enemies. Knight towers in conjunction with artillery towers in choke points in one strategy which we have employed to great effect. See what tower combinations you can come up with to splatter those zombies!

With its wide variety of towers, upgrades, special powers, and challenging gameplay, Zombie Crusade is a game that fans of the tower defense genre are sure to love. Don’t expect this crusade to be finished in one sitting, but your progress is automatically saved, so you can come back and continue from where you left off the next time that you play!

Zombie Crusade

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