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The Three Towers

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The Three Towers

The Three Towers is a tower defence game with 3 towers and a pizza. It ‘s one of those odd games that make you wonder if the game developers last job involved working in a fast food restaurant or pizza parlor and had a problem with bug infestation. You see your goal in The Three Towers is to defend your pizza from hordes of hungry insects that want to eat it. So use the power of 3 towers to shoot and kill the nasty bugs. There are 3 towers but you only control one yourself. The other 2 will automatically fire at the bugs but you have to aim your tower on them yourself. This is what makes it a unique pizza defense game. Every time you kill a bug you earn money for that so use it to heal your towers and buy upgrades for them to make them more powerful.


Hold the left mouse button down to keep firing.
Every time a bug gets to your pizza a slice is taken.
The game is over when there are no more slices of pizza left.

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