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Tesla Defense

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Tesla Defense

Nicolai Tesla was a genius that often does not get the credit that he deserves; the man supposedly never even had a girlfriend! Who needs a companion when you have one of the shocking inventions known to man: the Tesla Coil! In Tesla Defense, you will employ variations of this amazing device to defend yourself from hordes of enemy soldiers.

There are three different defenses that can be employed in this game. The basic Tesla Coil is used to defend against ground-based baddies. Pronged Tesla Coils are useful for defending against aerial adversaries. Mines are single-use bombs that will deal splash damage against enemies on the ground. Along with these defenses, you can use your weapon to zap enemies, or you can call in powerful orbital strikes to slaughter large clusters of hostile troops. Be careful though, since you will have to allow your batteries to recharge if you sustain fire, and the orbital strike has a long cooldown time.

Tesla Defense may not be a proper tower defense game, but it is a splendid combination of the defense and shooting game genres. If zapping to the extreme against waves of bad guys is something that sounds appealing to you, then load up and play this electrifying game!

Tesla Defense

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