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Super Mechs

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Super Mechs

Super Mechs – Super Mechanical Robot shooting game where you have to build, fight, build, fight and ultimately win by shooting and destroying robots in as few destructive moves as possible where your mission is to destroy as many of the other robots who want to do the same in one-on-one battles fought across the earth.

Get ready for some serious weaponry and arms assault! Super Mechs lets you create your own personal robot to fight your robot wars with. The game starts you off in a walkthrough tutorial mode to show you how things work before you go out on your own taking on other mechs of various difficulty. After you have finished a fight, you can use the points you earned to upgrade your mech with more weapons and abilities with hundreds of different parts and weapon addons to choose from from the store and create a really strong and deadly lethal robot but to conquer the world with.


But what gives Super Mechs an edge is its Multiplayer Vs mode and online fan base. At any time there is thousands of players playing Super Mechs around the world who are willing to go into battle with you and your bot in a real time showdown. You can connect to the game lobby and chat room and invite players to battle with you or you can just click Find Battle and it will search for someone with a similar level robot to yours.

Play the single player and take over the entire map or fight against friends or other players around the world online.

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