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Pokemon Tower Defense 3

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Pokemon Tower Defense 3
Okay so we know you are looking for Pokemon Tower Defense 3 and forever searching for more Pokemon to add to your list and want to play Pokemon Tower Defense 3 game online. The free online game of Pokemon TD 3 that is. Well no this isn’t the Pokemon Tower Defense 3 game but rather a video for Pokemon Tower Defense 3 and to give you some more updates on its development and to talk about some Pokemon TD ideas and features we’d like to see for when it is available to play online for free.

Pokemon Tower Defense 3 – A Trilogy of Dreams Imagined

Surely most people under the age of 30 if asked will tell you they remember Pokemon World in their childhood. Of course they don’t tell you how they really wanted to own one or all the sets of mystical Pokemon creatures. But with Pokemon Tower Defense 3 you will have the chance once again to own one or all of them and nobody will ever know. You’ll start to play the game and meet up with some friendly characters in a 2D Pokemon world with Professor Oak and Ash. You even get the choice of 2 game modes. Either defend your tower in challenge mode or play lots of levels in the deep and exciting story mode. You are defending the Pokeball so you’ll need to place teams of Pokemon towers down to stop the incoming enemies.

Either way you will be controlling a lot of them and they all have their own personalities. Don’t worry if all the different Pokemon characters are confusing you can look them up in the Pokedex. Or you can even buy items for them in the Pokemart to help you get through the game better. This Pokemon Tower Defense 3 game is a great game to play at any time but the games music and nice flashy game play and cartoon characters will take you down memory land and also makes for an interesting and fun experience.

From the very first Pokemon series to the original games to the side mixes of Pokemon Tower Defense games. We’ve had them here and enjoyed them since day 1 of each. The first was a taste of whats to come that added the story and feel of Pokemon into it in a way that almost seemed meant to be. And of course Pokemon TD 2 has some nice upgrades and features over the 1st version that still make it fun to play. Now with the 3rd Pokemon TD game looming into development there are already some trying to pear over the horizon to see whats yonder when it comes to Pokemon Tower Defense 3 game. Rest assured as and when we know more information about it and as to when it will be available to play we’ll put it straight on the site for you.

Pokemon Tower Defense 3 Game

Hopefully if its anything like the past games it will appeal to any fans of Pokemon and Tower Defense game fans. The game has a story line within it and there are often animated scenes and short videos between levels explaining the game to you. That’s when you can do the upgrades to your Pokemon as well as change and add attack types and all the other stuff. There was 151 Pokemon that are available to have in this game and its not impossible to get them all but it will certainly try and challenge and stimulate you to do so along the way.

You was on a journey with your chosen fantasy Pokemon creature that has special abilities. And your goal was to find out who was behind the attacks on Professor Oak’s lab and stop them. It was simple gameplay where you had to slot in your captured creatures on the map and as the enemies go towards the candy your defenders would attack and kill them until they are all dead and you go on to the next level.

You have to watch out for the Pokemons health because once it has gone low its vulnerable to be killed. You have to use your Pokeball to catch them and you can do it when the ball has opened only. You will then add that captured creature in a place on the map and they will defend for you as well. Thats why you need to get as many of them as possible because the enemies come in waves too.

And all Pokemon can be upgraded as well once they have been in combat for a while. At each level upgrade of its special abilities is a must. Of course it costs money to do that so you have to choose wisely which one to upgrade. You can only upgrade to 100 but they are very strong and good in battle by then.

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