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New Updates and Fun Benefits For Members

Posted by Jack On January - 1 - 2014

Happy new year 2014 to you! We here at want to be the best tower defence arcade online to ever be. Well, one must have a dream. To be honest, we just want to be a place where you can come to find out about and play the best quality and most enjoyable, latest and best top defence games in a safe and friendly environment that also has all the features you want in an online desktop games arcade. And we hand pick the defense and strategy games that we post so to make sure they are. And we have put a few features in place for our members here that we’d like to make known and share with you for your benefit.

Benefits For Members

So we want to reward you for using our site and for playing our games here. When you do really well on a game you may want to submit your high score. No point putting all that work in and not being able to record it and brag about it right? So you may register an account here and submit your high score on a game you’ve played and you will be entered into our top scorers hall of fame. What’s more we have integrated our scores system into user accounts so they will show on your own personal profile which you may edit to your liking, as well as on the homepage also.

Earn Points – Win Prizes!

Register with us to get your own personal account profile which you can use like a regular social networking account profile. You will be able to fill out more info about yourself, add an avatar, add new friends, send messages and challenge friends to beat your high scores! You’ll also then be able to comment on games or other peoples comments. And doing all these different actions will earn you points. These points can be used on a variety of things like bragging rights and earning prizes. Prizes can be anything from cash payments to anything else we put up for grabs. We’re looking into adding a Cube points system to the site in the future. Currently we only have a top players list but we’ll reward any top players with extra cube points when we do.

  1. Register a free account with us here.
  2. Upload and avatar and customize your profile.
  3. Earn points for playing & rating games, submitting high scores, leaving comments etc.
  4. Invite friends,  add friends and challenge them to beat your scores.

Desktop Vs Mobile Users

Although we mainly have games aimed at desktop users, some mobile smartphone users can play the games here depending on your device. Most smartphones apart from Apple devices can play flash games and most can play HTML5 games also. Our current theme isn’t responsive even though your phone should fit it within your screen and you should be able to navigate fine and can still play games in full screen mode.

Talking of mobile friendly / HTML defense games. We are currently developing a mobile version of our site dedicated to mobile smartphone and tablet users. Our mobile site at is a responsive mobile friendly site and will automatically adjust to fit your screen whether its a smartphone or a tablet. Albeit its rather bare at the moment we will be developing it through 2014 and onwards. Eventually all mobile users will be redirected to our mobile friendly site automatically which will have the same great defence games on it as our desktop site but with some mobile friendly HTML5 defence games of all kinds as well to Play on your Smartphone or Tablet.

We know there are some amazing sites out there as well as some awesome games developers like Kongregate, ArmorGames, Spil games, Newgrounds etc. And while we’ll never be what they are we are always on the lookout for new TD games, defence games, strategy games, war games etc that are worth a look and a play. We believe that they are the best type of games you can play online or mobile. They are fun and addictive and reward the player with a sense of success when you win the battles! When we find them, we will add them to the site here. On our desktop site we play them first and then provide a detailed description of the game, along with instructions and tips so you can get the most fun out of it.

Polls and Questionnaires

We’d really like to get our users opinions and feedback on our site! So we are considering running some polls and questionnaires to find out what you think of our site, what you might like to see on it and some questions about the defense and strategy games we have here. We’ll be posting these as blog posts soon so if you have something to say about us that’s then is the time and place to do it.

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