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Monster Castle Defense Game

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Monster Castle Defense Game

Monster Castle Defense is another 8 bit style castle defense game with cute pixel characters where you have to defend the pixel Queen from an evil army intent on killing her. So command brave monsters to defend her, upgrade and evolve them to forge a mighty and powerful army and survive all the waves to win. Stop any enemies getting to the Princess as she can defend herself but will get killed eventually. Place your monsters along the castle hallways to slow, freeze and attack them. has the full listing of all the creatures, enemies and magic spells.



  • Skeleton – Attacks enemies in short range.
  • Plant – Shots spike pellets from a distance.
  • Slime – Slows enemies moves when stepped on.
  • Demon – Transforms itself to stop the enemies briefly.
  • Hive – Release bees that follow the enemies.
  • Corpse – Produces extra bones each time it kills.
  • Mudman – Shots mudballs that push back the enemies.
  • Dragon – Expels fire to damage the enemies.


  • Soldier – A human without abilities.
  • Runner – A quick but defenseless unit.
  • Defender – His shield protects him from damage.
  • Warrior – Kills with only 5 hits.
  • Kamikaze – The bomb in his back can destroy any creature.
  • Priest – Heals himself with magic.
  • Hiker – Hikes through the wall to reach other levels.
  • Mage – Freezes creatures with magic.
  • Titan – A soldier that can’t be pushed back.
  • Hermes – A human as fast as the wind.

Magic Spells

  • Blaze – A ball of fire that incinerates the enemies.
  • Blizzard – Cold storm that freezes enemies.
  • Thunder – It pushes back and damages all the enemies in its way.
  • Tornado – Slowdown all the enemies for a short moment.


When a creature attacks an amount of times a star will appear below them.
Click it to show the status panel and push the upgrading button.
The creature will evolve and it will obtain new abilities.

Use the mouse to play or learn the hotkeys for a faster smoother game.
Hotkey instructions are available at the end of the tutorial that appears every time you start a new level.

Click on monsters to:
Upgradeattack: Sword button.
Evolve: Arrow button.
Sell: Money button.



Monsters: q,w,e,r,a,s,d,f.
Spells: z,x,c,v.
T: rise attack.
G: upgrade.
B: sell.

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