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Minecraft Tower Defense Games Online

Posted by Jack On March - 24 - 2014

Minecraft for DummiesAre you a MineCraft fan? Have you been playing Minecraft online since 2009? Roaming around that 3D block lego style world interacting with the environments either in your browser or from the PC app. Whether Single Player Creative Mode or Single Player Survival mode. You roamed around aimlessly vainly building a home to defend yourself from the evil night time monsters. Or perhaps you even now enter Minecraft Competitions with PvP fights with other players. The game has around 33 million players around the world. It’s now available on a lot of platforms from Android to iOS, Google Play, Sony Playstations and Xbox consoles where you can get very creative either on your own or via multiplayer servers around the world with other people in real time.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a sandbox game where you can build and destroy anything you want. Your limited by your imagination. You can explore tunnels and dungeons. Take on and battle monsters of all kinds. Go mining to find new items and craft them to create better stuff like the pick axe. I wasn’t a big player of Zelda but anyone that was will get Minecraft. There is no actual real point to it but it is a really good time passer though. Single player or Adventure mode is alright at first but not as great as multiplayer that’s where it comes alive. But even multiplayer has its own issues. Finding a good server to play on with no greifers that destroy all your things and can work together with people to build some awesome structures virtually creating your own block city.

minecraft house no moreIt’s all about survival because if you die somehow everything you have could be lost and are only available to get back for about 5 minutes unless you can’t get back to them or they get destroyed by lava. This can happen and will from time to time like falling off a cliff or the top of a tall building or getting stuck somewhere and not having a pick axe with you. As said it’s all kind of a bit of fun only really and although there is a lot of things you can do if you know the game and have a big imagination its a good game to play to pass the time but only more in Multiplayer mode with people you regularly play with online.

Why is Minecraft So Popular?

The ability to do whatever you want in a sandbox environment where the only real aim of the game is to survive. While some people need telling what to do. You are out there alone with nothing but the elements at your disposal. You can wander around like a limp noodle, or you can use your noggin to build a small house, a village or a huge city. And its simple, you just mine, place blocks, mine, place blocks. Come across treasures like diamonds and other resources. Build up a strong home in the day because at night time the spiders, zombies and other monsters come out. Who doesn’t want to spend their time doing all that?

And according to some news reports now, players can now roam within a “geographically accurate representation of Great Britain” and it’s now being used to teach students aid in classrooms. That’s on top of some praise it has got from a Modern Parent Margaret Rock in saying that Minecraft can actually help children to learn new life building skills and increase their mental capacity by learning to create and survive and succeed in life.

Play Minecraft Tower Defense 1

minecraft-tower-defense-1-thumbBut have you played any of the Minecraft Tower Defense games online? If you have ever played and been a fan of Minecraft and enjoy the tower defense games then you will enjoy the 2 current Minecraft Tower Defense games 1 and 2. Ignore the sites that say they have a Minecraft Tower Defense 3 as there isn’t one. But you can play the first and second sequel version here along with hacked versions for each also. Play Minecraft Tower Defense 1 for this and help Steve to defend his house from the monsters. Dig your own path by mining it with your pick axe and to make the skeletons, zombies, spiders, creepers, ghasts and other monsters out to get you. Place towers around the path you dug and then place traps down in their way to kill them. It’s what makes Minecraft defense games a fantastic addition to the Minecraft family of online games.

Play Minecraft Tower Defense 2

minecraft-tower-defense-2-thumbFollowing the Popularity of the first Minecraft Tower Defense 1 game where you hopefully successfully won the game and survived all levels. Minecraft Tower Defense 2 is here with more maps and better graphics and more features than the first with new twists. Steve’s new home is never without threat from the big Minecraft world when some greifers destroy his house and he looses everything fleeing with just his life. Steve finds a boat and sails away into oblivion to find some new and peaceful lands to set up home on again. There are 2 modes both “Adventure Mode” and “Survival Mode” which involve using towers and traps to defend you and your house with from the enemies approaching and wipe them out through all 28 levels.

The unique thing about these tower defense games is that you can choose your own path the monsters walk on by digging it yourself. This means you can create some pretty windey and twisting path ways maximizing its length and the distance the enemies have to walk on to deal as much damage to them as you possibly can from your towers, turrets and traps that you lay. As you can see from some of the game screenshots we’ve posted here, it’s best to create these kinds of paths rather than short and straight ones. Which you’ll find out yourself when you play it.

We love the Minecraft TD games here and are happy to feature them. We feel like we’ve wrote our hearts out in each game description giving a full breakdown with instructions and tips to help you get the most out of them and succeed as you do. And we hope you have as much fun as we did when we were doing that. We’ll have more details on hosting the hacked version soon like Minecraft TD 1 and Minecraft TD 2 hacked soon.

Minecraft tower defense map 3

Minecraft tower defense map 2

Minecraft tower defense map 1

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