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Minecraft Tower Defense 3

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Minecraft Tower Defense 3

If you’re reading this then we know you have been looking to play Minecraft Tower Defense 3 game online and we know you have enjoyed playing the previous versions Minecraft TD1 and Minecraft TD2. Well search no more for Minecraft Tower Defense 3 because here we have a new Minecraft Tower Defense game for you to get your kicks with but this time there are some new rules to the game! In this version of Minecraft TD 3 you wont be creating your own path but you can choose which maps to play on from set paths and you can place your turrets down along it to kill the approaching zombies, ghosts, skeletons, spiders, creepers and other orcs by laying them down along that pathway.

How many nights can you survive? When you play Minecraft Tower Defense 3 game here, you’ll start with a limited amount of money to help you buy enough turrets to kill enough zombies so you can earn enough money to buy more turrets to kill more zombies so you can buy more turrets and you get the idea. And just like when defending Steve, you’ll only have so many lives which are hearts. Let the zombies through and you loose a heart until you die. Thats why you have to lay enough turrets down.

Try out the different maps, some of them are insane! You’ll be left wondering how in the hell you are supposed to do it but that’s what makes it so engaging that it will challenge you! Diamonds are the currency here and you’ll earn them every time you kill a baddie. You can then spend your diamonds on turrets. Click on the turret to make it show and click anywhere on the map to lay it. Rotating swords cost $10 and are only good if facing inwards. Crossbows cost $15 and are better upgraded. Archers shoot one solid arrow at enemies so are better put on corners. You can upgrade, move or sell turrets when you have enough money (diamonds).

Can you survive all 400 nights alone and help Steve to victory? Or will you run out of lives? We don’t know if this is the last final edition of Minecraft Tower Defense. If so then you could call it Minecraft Tower Defense Final. And it makes up a trilogy of Minecraft TD games that you can play here on Have fun and enjoy the game.

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