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Minecraft Tower Defense 2

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Minecraft Tower Defense 2

So we hope you enjoy playing the Minecraft tower defense games as that block head Steve is back in Minecraft Tower Defense 2 game. A greifer destroyed Steve ‘s home so he ‘s had to sail away to build a new, bigger, better and stronger home in new lands. This time the graphics are better and there’s new war maps with 28 levels to play on. However your mission is the same as Minecraft Tower Defense 1 in that you will have to defend your home from monsters and creeps like skeletons and spiders by digging a path and using dispensers, traps and mines to blow them up and kill them.

Create a long and winding path and build the dispensers and place traps and mines along it to stop the enemies from getting to you. This costs resources which you earn from killing the monster enemies. Every time one approaches you and gets to your home, you will lose one of your hearts. Lose all your hearts and you lose the game. So you will have to be strategic how you build the path and lay the traps.


Minecraft Tower Defense 2 has some new features that the previous version did not. There are two different modes as “Adventure Mode” and “Survival Mode”. In Adventure modes first level you’ll see there is no towers to use to defend with and you have to use the cacti to defend yourself with. Place the cacti on the road where the monsters travel to kill them with it. Kill as many monsters as you can to earn gold with which you can use to buy new traps or turrets from the defense shop. When you complete the first level, other maps will be unlocked and so on for the rest when you complete them. You can also earn in-game achievements and medals as you reach certain mile stones that make the game a little more rewarding.

Start by digging a path to the green marker.
Click on a block to dig on it.
Press A to reset if you need to undo a block.
Space to dismiss.


Boom! Welcome to the face of Minecraft. Creepers explode if hit by an obstructing trap like cactus ‘s so use them to your advantage.
Turrets: You can place turrets by clicking a block on the side of the path. However these must be unlocked first.
Traps: You can place traps by simple clicking a block on the path. For now you may only use a cactus.
Upgrading: Not all items can be upgraded. Like the cactus. However for those which can clicking them will open an upgrade menu.

  • Tip: Upgrading items is usually better than buying new. Tip: TNT ‘s explode, Tip: When TNT ‘s explode any surrounding items are destroyed.
  • Tip: This game was originally called Minecraft Tower Defense Rebuilt.
  • Tip: Getting challenges will make survival mode easier.
  • Tip: While in the Nether or The End the clock doesn’t work so you wont know when the mobs are coming.
  • Tip: On the snow levels, water placed is frozen into snow.
  • Tip: Ghasts are flying so cannot be hurt by traps nor can they be frozen.
  • Tip: You can clear saved data from within the options menu.
  • Tip: Click the “Skip Wave” button to start a wave.
  • Tip: Speed up the game with the “Speed Up” button.

Some maps in Minecraft Tower Defence 2 are bigger than you might expect.
To pan around the map you can use WASD or cursor keys.
Did you know!? Each of the 15 survival maps have their own leaderboard.
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