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Minecraft Tower Defense 1

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Minecraft Tower Defense 1 Game

Defend your house from an array of attackers in MineCraft Tower Defense 1 game. Minecraft Tower Defense is a tower defense game that is based on the popular MineCraft game from Mojang. Your mission in MineCraft TD 1 is to defend your house from an invasion using 4 tower types which you will place along the dug road. First you will have to dig a path to your house using your shovel. You can then place one of 4 types of towers to attack and kill them before they get to your house.

There are many types of enemies to deal with from skeletons to zombies, spiders to creepers, ghasts and other monsters. Create the path to your house using your shovel then place your towers along it in strategic places. Remember that long and winding paths are better than short and straight paths so you can deal the maximum damage. To place towers and traps will cost you money which you will earn by killing the monsters before they reach you. Stop all monsters from reaching your home else you’ll lose a heart. Lose all your hearts and its game over!


Do you have what it takes to defeat all the monsters and save your home from their vicious attacks? Find out by playing MineCraft Tower Defense 1 game here. Survive to unlock new maps, the Dungeon and the Nether which will really test your abilities. Dig that path but dig it in such a way that it will take the monsters longer to get to your house. The more you dig, the more resources you will find to help you win the game.

Game Instructions:

  • Use your mouse to build and place the towers.
  • You can always reset the background with are key.
  • Click on one of the path blocks and place one of the 4 available towers on it.
  • Open the traps menu by clicking on the road anywhere.
  • Place traps on the path to slow enemies and use the turrets to kill them.
  • Always upgrade your towers and your traps to make them kill more monsters.
  • Do whatever it takes to keep your home safe and win the game.


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