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Mexican Zombie Defense

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Mexican Zombie Defense

Mexican Zombie Defense game – The Chronicles of Mexico, is a flash zombie tower defence game from Spilgames that has you traveling around Mexico for the Salvation Army to kill and destroy the evil undead zombies who want to eat your brains. It is said that one day when hell no longer has any space left, that the dead will walk the earth. And they’re stalking the living now in Mexico. So you’ll have to use your military training and strategic skills to defend yourself against and kill the waves of undead zombies by setting up the best defences to protect and redeem Mexico city to the living once again.

Clear one town after the next as you travel across Mexico. Come up with the best strategy by using your army of 4 types of soldiers. Earn money for killing zombies and use it on buying new soldiers or buying more ammo for your current ones. All soldiers have only limited ammo so you’ll need to keep your eye on them like a true commander and ensure they are fully stocked else they won’t be of any use other than looking pretty. You can click on the soldiers and a menu pops up where you can replenish his ammunition. This is what keeps you on your toes as you will have to come up with the best combination of using your earnings to restock your soldiers ammo over buying new soldiers so you will be doing a fair bit of clicking to get the job done and survive all the levels and eliminate all zombies from Mexico city.

There are 4 unique fighters.
Trooper gets the job done fast
Laser shoots a beam that cuts right through any zombies
Bazooka has a rocket made specially to blast whole groups of zombies.
Sniper is a 1 shot kill kind of guy.

Mexican Zombie Defense Instructions

First call a trooper in (place a soldier somewhere).
Click his icon then put him strategically on the map. A corner is best.
All soldiers have a limited ammo stock.
Click a soldier to monitor his supply.
Buy him more when he needs it and upgrade his weapons there too.
Click the arrow to undo the dead (call the next wave in)
Click on the support plane that flies over to make him drop some ammo.
Mount up soldier because these zombies aren’t after fajitas unless they’re brain flavored!

Enjoy this top quality zombie tower defence game from Spilgames.

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