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Keeper of the Grove 2

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Keeper of the Grove 2

Keeper of the Grove 2 takes place in an age after its predecessor. This time, the action is moved to a distant world with new alien monsters. The concept is still the same though; build guardians to keep the aliens and bay and your crystals safe from theft! If you are familiar with the system that was presented in the first game of this series, then you won’t have too much to learn this time around. If you did not play the original or have forgotten, however, do not worry, because gameplay is still easy to pick up.

You have three types of towers (referred to as guardians) at your disposal: Guardian, Lokyn, and Stone. Guardian is your basic defender, with a high rate of fire and moderate damage. Lokyn has a slower firing rate and does less damage, but will slow any enemy that he manages to attack. Stone is the slowest guardian, but fires powerful shots that inflict splash damage upon nearby enemies. One of the most effective strategies in this tower defense game is to position Stone towers near Lokyn towers. The Lokyns will slow down the monsters, while Stone will inflit massive damage upon clusters of enemies! Experiment with tactics of your own to find out what tower placements will be most efficient for you.

With its darker coloration and more sinister-looking characters, Keeper of the Grove 2 might not have the same visual appeal to younger gamers that its predecessor did, but its gameplay is still solid and appropriate for all ages. If you are a fan of the tower defense genre, then you owe it to yourself to give this game a try!

Keeper of the Grove 2

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