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Hex Empire 2

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If you understood how to play the first Hex Empire game. Or even if you’re just the type of person that likes to pretend you know how to play Hex Empires then you should really love and appreciate the new Hex Empires 2 multiplayer game. It appears the more clicking you do the more likely you are to do something. But with Hex Empire the aim as always is to try to defend your own country while trying to take over anothers at the same time. You basically get around 6 turns per go in this strategy based multiplayer game. You move your forces around and add troops, build towers, ships and tanks. You click on your forces and artillery and bring it closer to your invading country. You get some cash to play with every level and can spend it on things or save it up a bit. Try to build up all your troops together to build harder artillery. To play you can find an opponent online. It can take a while as it searches for someone. But be patient as usually there are other players playing this game. However you can play alone should you wish to in solo mode also. Go ahead and expand your country using hexagons and show who rules the map. The black half of the circle is the armies manpower and the red number is their morale. Land on hexagons that have less manpower and moral than you to take over. You can play a game and find an online player to have a multiplayer game which can make for a fun and exciting strategy turn based game. If you can’t find anyone then you can join the main lobby to try and find a player or you can play the single player mode.

Enjoy and have fun to play Hex Empire 2. 🙂


Hex Empire 2

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