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Hands of War 1 Game

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Hands of War 1 Game

The Hands of War 1 Game online is quite a story rich and in depth tower defence game with a lot of features to it. Whole strategy guides have been wrote for it.

The story goes back into an ancient time when civil war has broken out and you’re asked to reunite the land once again with the help of a special Heartstone which is a very powerful relic that is practically useless on its own with you. So you’ll need to step up to the task at hand and prove your skills as a warrior by fully customizing your defending armies powers and abilities and select a Champion which has even more abilities to upgrade and customize as you fight your way across the land of Tempor.

If you’ve never played Hands of War before I strongly suggest you to watch the initial intro video story and follow along with the tutorial to get up to speed with the controls and how to do things. Even if you don’t it’s not too hard to get to grips with but it will help you to have a better game.

In order to win battles and proceed to the next part of the map, you’ll need to successfully defeat the attackers using strategic tower placing methods and using your special abilities at the right time. Each camp within the map presents its own dangers and challenges. And each level of difficulty can be set before you go into battle giving you the chance to earn bonus experience points and reputation points helping to unlock even more experience mods called Badges which you’ll be using.

You earn Energy and spend this energy on towers and upgrading them as well as using your special champion powers. The Energy bar is the blue one and with it you can get your Champions to do special things while the attackers are approaching the pathway. Kill them too quick and you won’t be using it on them much. Clicking on a tower to open its menu to buy upgrades for it. You can also tell it which type of attacker to target from the stealthy and strongest to the weakest and most vulnerable.

If its getting too tough on the battlefield and your Champions are out of range you can teleport them. It costs 15 energy and can be done only once per wave but after this you can then teleport as much as you want or until there is no more energy left to use. You can see a Wave List in the top right hand corner of the screen. This will show what attackers are out next and the different kinds of abilities they have. When the battle has ended (and if you have won it), it will show you the battle summary and how many Badges you earned from doing certain things like killing a certain amount of attacker to doing more damage than usual.

The land of Tempor lies broken and wasted. The power of the Heartstone has faded mysteriously. Can you help defend the nation of Tempor against the force of darkness and reunite all 7 factions once more?

4 Different Unique Champion Abilities

Bloodlust / Eagle Sight / Frenzy.
Storm of Swords/Arrowstorm/Fire Nova.
Teleport to move your champions around.
Cleave/Fire Arrow/Frost Strike.

Key Controls

You can play this game completely with the mouse. However being fast can mean all the difference between being successful and failing a battle. You can do literally everything with a hot key that you can with a mouse and its a hell of a lot faster! Try to get used to using the keyboard only by using and memorizing these hot keys.

SPACEBAR – Start Wave
1 – Use Champion Ability #1
2 – Use Champion Ability #2
3 – Use Champion Ability #3
4 – Use Champion Ability #4
Q – Build Guard Tower
W – Build Ranger
E – Build Warrior
R – Build Wizard
A – Build Ward Spire
S – Build Scouting Post
D – Build Battle Standard
F – Build Power Totem
X – Build Trading Outpost
C – Build Barracks
ESC – Cancels the current action (builds, teleports, AoE spell, etc.)

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  2. Cheryl Garand says:

    It’s clear the developer put a lot of work into this game. But, it’s kind of too easy. And, all the battles are basically the same just in different shapes. It would be cool to have different things we are fighting that require a different strategy. I do like the game though and look forward to trying more games by these guys.

  3. Boss says:

    Thanks Cheryl I agree and am also waiting for new games from Axis games who have also now made Hands of War 3 of course. 🙂

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