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Fujitsu Defender Game

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Fujitsu-Defender-GameFujitsu Defender is another tower defence game from NOXGAMES with an good story line behind and a lot of towers, enemies, achievements and upgrades. Its set in a time where the planet Earth is running out of the raw materials needed to survive. So a new planet was discovered, full of resources. And everything went well. Until something unexpected came! The bases were destroyed one by one. Now its time to defend. Your main task is to protect your base against attacking enemies as they come towards you along the path. Buy and place towers to protect your base. Different towers do different things and have different stats. Use the skill points that you earn each level before the new level starts to upgrade your towers, stats and game. You get 1 skill point after every wave so use them wisely.

Fujitsu gameplay video:

Having played Fujitsu Defender tower defence game I can guarantee its a good balanced game with very wide range of game strategies. There is over 50 achievements in game, and you get more score and money when you acquire them. Fujitsu defender game has been played over 1 million times and is highly rated on games portals and arcades like Kongregate, NewGrounds and ArmorGames of 4.08/5 and 7.5/10.


Achievements: Special award in game. You will get cash and score bonus for each. Score bonus is 10x cash bonus.

Score Rewards: You get score for every killed enemy. You get score bonus (1x cash value) after end of wave. You get bonus for survivals 100x Lives.

There are 50 waves in every level. 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th and 5th are boss levels. Complete levels to unlock Hardcore Mode.

You can see the next enemy description below your towers and enemy hit points on top of the screen.

You can set game options – turn off the sound effects or all sounds. You can set the game speed to 3x the normal speed.

Game Features

  • 3 maps to play on.
  • 50 in-game map achievements.
  • 10 different towers (cannons, poison, flamethrowers, golden tower).
  • 10 upgrades (every with 5 levels).
  • 5 bosses to take on & tons of enemies.
  • Unlockable Hardcore Mode when completed.
  • Top td game as rated on Kong, NG, Armorgames.
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  1. yangsyarif says:

    good games, like it

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