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Frontline Defense: Special Ops – Hacked

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Frontline Defense Special Ops Hacked

If you’ve enjoyed playing the Frontline Defense games thus far but want to play that game without limits then you may like to play the hacked Frontline Defense: Special Ops game. In this hacked version of this game you will have unlimited amounts of funds available to dispose of and you can buy unlimited amounts of towers and forces and upgrade them to the max. You can buy weapons and towers before you go into battle and place them anywhere you want on the path then click to upgrade their range, POV and damage. Watch as your enemies squirm and are destroyed instantly before they can even get very far! The first few levels are fairly easy and over pretty quick if you do it right. But the later levels get a bit more interesting. Just keep buying weapons from the War-Mart and then use them and upgrade them to the max possible. Although playing the game like this may be considered cheating, it’s a good way to get through the levels quickly and still offers that same great amount of fun bit without so much of the challenge.

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