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Frontline Defense 2

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Frontline Defense 2

If you enjoyed the first Frontline Defense game then get ready for an even bigger battle in Frontline Defense 2. Better graphics, better gameplay, more levels, towers, upgrades and enemies to kill. Like the first version you will have to strategically build towers as your army battles against waves and waves of ever sophisticated enemies. You can buy new weapons of destruction at the local War-Mart and upgrade them to inflict maximum damage upon your attackers!

In Frontline Defence 2 game you take the role of a general in the army and you have to place turrets armed with weapons and soldiers along the war path to try and stop and kill the incoming waves of enemies and enemy vehicles which are trying to attack and take over your army base. The follow-up to the original Frontline Defense game, Front Line Defense 2 puts you in the role of an army general who must place turrets and soldiers armed with weapons, in order to stop waves of enemy soldiers and vehicles from attacking your base. There is a new War-Mart feature which allows you to unlock turrets and missions, or to increase your starting funds so you can buy more towers and upgrade them quicker.

Frontline Defense Weapons Explained

  • Flame Thrower – Set your enemies on fire with the War-Mart Flame Master Pro MKII. Can also be used to raise your enemies core temp to see them with heat-seeking missiles.
  • Bio Cannon – If putting holes in your enemy isn’t enough why not give them a taste of the War-Mart Bio Cannon MKII. Designed to deliver a compact yet lethal dose of Bio-Chemical sludge.
  • Bio Mortor – Effects whole platoons with just a single shot.
  • Particle Beam Cannon – With the Partical Beam there will be very little remains left to clear. The WarTech Particle Beam Cannon is the pinnacle in portable particle collision technology.
  • Mounted Machine Gun – Perfect for those 1 v 100 situations that just can’t be avoided.
  • Plasma Cannon – The WarTech Plasma Cannon will help you keep up with the enemy vehicles.
  • Missile Launcher – The WarTech SOB Heat Seeking Missile Launcher helps to destroy enemy vehicles.
  • Shotgun Tower – The Heckle n Kluts g12 shotgun prevents any lack of firepower.
  • Bio-Chemical Support Strike – The Bio-Chemical howitzer strike will clear the entire war field.
  • Napalm Support Strike – Toast your enemies to a crisp with this hard hitting napalm strike.
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