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Flappy Bird Online Game

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Flappy Bird Online Game

Flappy Bird flash online game is a simple but fun and addictive skill game inspired by the very controversial Flappy Bird game released on the App store by Dong Nguyen recently and making it one of the most popular internet games online right now! Flappy Birds is a simple on button flying game where you have to fly the 8-bit bird through the pipes and obstacles. You make the bird fly by repeatedly pressing the space bar to make the bird fly higher or stop pressing to fall for a bit. But don’t go too high, too low or crash into any pipes or its game over. You will have to be very skilful by pressing the space bar at the right times to get through the spaces and get as far as you can and get as high a score as you possibly can get!

flappy bird online game

Flappy Bird is Stupid simple. Amazingly addictive. But VERY VERY hard!

Tap space bar to flap the birds wings and try not to crash or you’re worm food!

Okay for clarity this is not the original Flappy Birds game but is a flash online version of it that is very similar to the original iOS version that was taken off of the App Store by its creator and developer Dong Nguyen. So if you never got to download that game and have not played it yet then here you can enjoy the free online flash version of it in your browser. But don’t worry if you don’t get as far as the top player in the world. It’s only a game. Enjoy and have fun. 🙂

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