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Emma: Zombie Defense

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Emma: Zombie Defense

Emma: Zombie Defense

This is Emma: Zombie Defense which is a zombie tower defense game based on Kienan Lafferty’s comic Emma. I am sure you have read the comic already if not you can check out all the series on But here now you can play Emma: Zombie Defense which is an extension to that comic series. In Emma: Zombie Defense you will be playing in the same style of tower defense as you normally are in that you will need to use towers to defend Emma’s barn from the incoming zombie hoards. Emma: Zombie Defense has the same dark, comic like theme and graphics going for it that will immerse you into the game as you try to defend the barn from the zombies. Make use of turrets to do so which are characters from the comic series that all have their own individual unique abilities to attack the enemy zombies with. From basic infantry to shotgun kids, Little girls with an Axe and a crafter super sniper. Also you have use of some mines to lay down in the zombies path of travel and one special by way of a Emma’s companion dog Buttons which loves to unleash its wrath on the zombies.

Game Instructions and Gameplay Tips

You only start with so much money at first so use it wisely to buy the best turrets. Earn money for killing zombies and then use that to buy more towers / turrets and upgrade them to make them better, faster, stronger with more range and damage. You are also awarded with mines too so make use of them. Get a perfect wave bonus at the end of each wave for not letting any zombies enter the barn. You loose health for each zombie that enters and the game is over when you run out. Protect Emma’s barn from the zombie infected. There are 50+ waves to complete and wave 50 will trigger high score mode. Click the red “Go” at the top of the screen to start the wave. You can pause and continue the game at any time.

If you liked or loved the comic series of Emma the zombie slayer that sweet and innocent little girl that is forced into a world of decay and undead with her trusting and loyal dog Buttons and her favorite zombie killing tool that is her Axe which is almost twice the size that she is. Well then you will surely love playing Emma: Zombie Defense in our tower defence games category. Both for the fun classic TD gameplay, but for the mood and the atmosphere that it will create as you are playing it. This girl might look like your typical girl next door but she’s no pushover and one hell of a fiesty bitch on the inside. So let the blood spill the brains splat it’s time to defend and kill zombies just like you love.

Emma: Zombie Defense Hacked

You can play Emma: Zombie Defense Hacked game coming here soon but if you’ve never played it yet you will want to start this one first to get a feel for the game and see how to enjoy it if you had infinite specials and money to spend on turrets and upgrades. While it can kind of defeat the whole purpose of doing your best and making the best of your turrets abilities with the money you have it can open up a whole new level of the game you wont experience here.

The zombies are incoming! Don’t let them get into Emma’s barn!

  • Click on icons the place turrets
  • Click on icons to place mines in the path
  • Click on placed turrets to upgrade/sell them
  • Click on the special regularly to unleash the beast
  • Progress is saved after every wave.
  • Wave 50 triggers high score mode.
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