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Defend Your Creep

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Defend Your Creep defense game

Just when you thought there was nothing possibly left to defend or were waiting for something else. Another defender defense game for you in the class of side scrolling action-shooter defense games which has you taking control of a Boss Creep who must destroy all the turrets and towers that have declared war on all creeps. But creeps are just misunderstood so defend your creep throughout 10 levels of increasingly difficult levels and differenting enemies. Choose from 5 weapons to kill enemies with which you can with the money you earn from killing the enemies. As well as buy more health.

Defend Your Creep game online isn’t one of the most sophisticated defense games that you might otherwise like but the simpleness and comical feel of it is what gives it its charm in the defend your class of games like Defend Your Nuts 1 and Defend Your Nuts 2. Defend Your Cabin and Defend Your Tent amongst others.

Aim with the mouse and shoot the oncoming enemies. Press D to duck for 1 second to dodge enemy fire. There are 4 weapons to choose from. A Rifle which costs $1000. A Machine Gun that costs $2000. A Shotgun that costs $3000. A Bazooka that costs $4000. You start with the pistol the first level and should be able to buy the rifle by the 3rd and the Machine Gun by the 4th level if you’re lucky.

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